When using applications we often provide personal data for the account besides our names, pseudonyms or e-mail addresses: we may also give our age, gender or interests. This is why it’s important to read the privacy agreement of the service in order to be informed about the goal they use the data for, and whether they share it with third parties.

It is also worthwhile to check the default privacy settings to know what data is being collected about us and who can see what we share.

You can check and modify the privacy settings of Facebook and Google as follows:

Facebook: Menu – Settings – Privacy
Google: Menu – My Account – Personal info and privacy

Online services and social media applications are able to track our browsing much more easily and precisely if you stay logged in to your account. We advise you to log out of a service when you are not actively using it.

It is safe practice to use different e-mail addresses and user names on different sites so it will be more difficult to link the data traces left in each application and connect them to you.

If you use a public computer to connect to an online account, don’t forget to check if you logged out, and delete your saved passwords and browsing history.