A significant part of your digital data life – your documents on your computer or in the cloud, your photos, and your e-mails are often protected by nothing else but a password. It is therefore indispensable that your chosen passwords provide real protection. A strong password is long, complicated, contains lower case and upper case letters, numbers and special characters, and cannot be inferred from information about you, especially information which can be found about you on the web. You should use a different one for each service. You can easily create and store strong passwords using the password managers presented on the site.

Many online services now offer an authentication method which is more secure than using a simple password: two-factor authentication. When using this method you need to provide a second code besides your regular password in order to log in to your account. You can generate this code with a cell phone application or receive it via text.

strong password: MargaretThatcherIs100%Sexy
weak password: date of birth, name, nickname